Monday, November 2, 2009

Princess Walk

The recipe bellow goes to my friend Marlene, she has been begging me for it.
I call her "Princess Walk", because of her strut! Famous, secure, brilliant! Only her
Knows why. I use to see her coming down the school hallway, all confident, and very pretty.
She has it all, I would think to my self, Why can I be more like her, I would tell myself.

One day we met, and in time I learned that we were more alike than anyone else I have known, she is the other part of my soul, the one is hiding, the one I would not dare to be but would like to let out!
I miss our outings, I miss our mischievous and stupid stunts!, I miss going to the beach and
just lay there, with out saying a word; I miss our crazy days ...Monty's, y El Torito, Patron Silver AWAY!....Most of all I miss our cooking nights, both in the kitchen, drinking some wine, talking at the same time and getting in each others way! ....We cried and we laugh, we dance and we sang....Miss yo my friend!

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