Monday, November 9, 2009

Cheek Peas Salad / Ensalada de Garbanzos


1 Can Cheek Peas

1 Romaine Lettuce

1 Box Cherrie Tomatoes

1 Goat Cheese (crumbled)

1 Packet of Carrots (shredded)

1 Onion (small and sliced)

1 Box Garlic Croutons

Simple Vinaigrette

(Olive oil, apple cider vinegar, Dijon mustard, salt and pepper)

Wash, drain and cut lettuce, put in a big salad bowl. Drain cheek peas, add to

your salad bowl together with the rest of the ingredients, saving goat cheese

and the croutons for last.

Serve with the vinaigrette on the side, or you may pour over salad, and

toss before serving, just keep in mind that the vinegar will melt the cheese, and

you should serve the salad immediately after dressing it.

This salad his great to serve with Broiled Chicken or Breaded Tilapia and

pair it up with a Pinot Noir , or any white wine you love.

Enjoy………and “Buen Provecho

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