Thursday, November 19, 2009

Eggnog/ "Crema de Vie"

This week recipe is my very own version of the American Eggnog. I added up the ingredients from my mother in law's recipe, and my uncle Roberto's. They were both very proud of their creation, every body on each side of the families loves it.

It was tradition in my uncles home, he and only he would make it!, and he would hide from everyone so no one could know his secret. Only us the kids would he allowed in the kitchen!.....but since I always love the kitchen, I remembered paying very closed attention to his magic potion.

I loved my uncle to death!, he look just like my father, the father I never new. They looked so much alike, that I would always ask him, looking at the pictures in his living room, "which one is my father?, I never can tell"!, and he will point out, "this is your father, my brother, every one loved him"; and then he would go on telling me some story about him. My uncle was, in my heart, a little piece of the father I lost, a little piece of the father I have craved for all my life.

Happy memories from all those summers we spend at his house, playing, and been a part of his family for 2 solid month! Every year he and my aunt Pastora, would put up with all these girls, my 3 cousins, two of my sisters, and I; all giggling at night, parties, trips to buy the best ice cream in town, "Manresa", Sunday mass, movies and then dinner to "The Vesuvio" (one of the best Italian restaurant in Santo Domingo). I miss those hot summer days,walking for miles to go swim at the pool in "Club Naco", when the biggest problems we had was the dilemma of picking out the right outfit, or who would be first playing Monopoly, or who would have the courage to call that special boy....What a smile those days put on my old heart!....Tio Roberto, Tia Pastora and my sister Yma, they are not longer with us, they have passed to a better life, I will always miss you!, your memories will always make my heart smile!

Cream de Vie

1 can condense milk
1 can evaporated milk
4 egg yolks
simple syrup (made with 2 cups sugar + 1 cup water, let it boil until sugar has melted and syrup is thick in consistency)
1 cup cognac, rum or brandy
1tsp vanilla extract
1tsp nutmeg

In a blender, mix condense and evaporated milk, add egg yolks one at a time while blender is running, and vanilla extract, mix for a minute or two. Slowly with the blender still running add hot syrup (thing steady stream), then nutmeg, blend for a few more minutes.
Add cognac or rum at the end.
You may have to divide mixture in half to add the rum, because it will not fit in the blender.

Refrigerate until cold. Better for 24hrs. Served in sherry glasses.

Enjoy!.... y, Buen apetito!

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  1. I love it, thank you Angie, I will let you know how it turn out.

    Love you my sis