Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"Morir Soniando"

"Morir Soniando" means "Die Dreaming"...Imagine that! it sounds good, huh?, well that is how good my next recipe is!
Morir sonando is a local drink or shake, made with a combination of milk, vanilla, and orage juice.
It is very popular in every home to serve for breakfast or as a snack, to refresh you from the beating hot sun.
In my times (I'm old now!).....My grandfather use to wait for us at the door, to welcome us from our day at school, as soon as we came through the door we would have already a snack served in our inside patio. One of my favorites was a big glass of "Morir Sonando", it was just delicious and refreshing. We would talk about our school day with him or about whatever came up at the time. After, he would send everyone to do homework, not fun but, it had to be done if we wanted to go outside and play. Those are sweet memories for me, especially after I moved to the States and I crave for good comfort food from my country......come back and look for my variation on this wonderful drink!


  1. That sounds so good. I bet a good variation would be to add some Kahlua....

  2. wow! I'll be it would be good, but that was not the variation I was thinking about!...more like ice cream or frozen yogurt...I will post the recipe and I'll try to add Kahlua next time I make it to see if it taste good, remember if you add alcohol it will not be good for kids under 18! ha ha ha...Thank you for your suggestion....come again