Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cookouts at the Gari's

All the salad recipes and dressings that I'm posting for my friends,
are a creation of the cookouts at my family nights....Once a week
we get together to enjoy each others company,
and catch up on every one's life.
Sometimes we try to recreate a salad we had at a restaurant, ( this particular one is from Monty's, a restaurant in Coconut Grove, Fl.) . My daughters and I,
we all put a little bit of the ingredients we love. Natalia
and I love the honey for the sweet taste that brings to the food, and Laura
likes hers more tart......It is funny to see us, all in the kitchen adding to the mix
whatever ingredient we like the best, music is going, we are dancing,
drinking some wine, hurrying it up because we are going to miss Gray's Anatomy or
America's Idol! and all taking turn to put Sophia to sleep!....Anyways, the concoction always taste delicious!
.....and that is how we get the good results!, that is how great taste comes,
just add what you like.

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